Idaho License Plate Lookup

Idaho License Plate Lookup

When you buy a used car in Idaho, it is more convenient to check the history and condition of your vehicle and see the most optimal amount. To do that you either need to collect the data by telephoning insurance services and police, or use the Idaho License Plate Lookup service.

So you can apply for an Idaho license lookup by making a call to 208 334-8000 or applying online. In order to apply online, you need to open the Idaho DMV website and enter the plate number.

Using Idaho License Plate Lookup

Whenever you try to look up your vehicle code, you can find the following information:

  • Your vehicle was owned by an individual or an organization. However, you cannot get the personal data of the previous owners that is name, tel. number, etc.
  • When you use an Idaho License Plate Lookup you can check the condition of the vehicle, where and when the vehicle was produced, when they sold it first, etc.
  • Whether your car has been crushed, flooded, or was damaged because of a hurricane or an earthquake.
  • VIN number of the vehicle registered in Idaho

All the people who live in Idaho and own a vehicle should have a license plate on their vehicle. In fact, it is the Idaho Motor Vehicle Division (DMV) that issues the license plate. Generally, the license plates are on the front as well as the backsides of the vehicle. However, if you own a motorcycle or ATV you can attach it to the backside.

Getting your Idaho License Plate

If you live in Idaho and have a vehicle, you must register it at your local DMV to drive it legally. You need to register your vehicle within 30 days starting from the day you buy it.

If you have moved to Idaho recently you must visit the nearest DMV within three months.

In order to register your vehicle in Idaho, you need to complete an application form, provide the vehicle’s title and documents of insurance. You will also need a valid driver’s ID and checks of payments you have made.

In Idaho, you can choose and obtain three types of licenses: standard, personalized and specialized.  In Idaho, your license plate will have two letters before the plate number. It is the first letter of the county where you have registered your vehicle.

Idaho Standard License Plates

The Idaho standard license plate is a mixed colored background of red white and blue with “Scenic Idaho” and “Famous Potatoes” texts on them. It is a regular license plate that you get when you do the registration of your vehicle.

You must put the license plate on the backside of your vehicle so that everyone can see it. What concerns the sticker that you get during registration, it must be attached to the right side of your vehicle. In most cases, you can also obtain a plate for your front side.

Idaho Personalized License Plates

When you apply for a personalized license plate,  you decide what must be written there. So you can choose a phrase, a quote, some unique characters. You may also combine the letters and digits you want,

However, you cannot use profanity or harsh language. You won’t be able to use any registration plate numbers that are already in use.

You may buy your personalized license plates online, by applying via mail or visiting a DMV location. You can use Idaho License Plate Lookup to check if the characters you want are available.

Idaho Customized License Plates

In Idaho, vehicles that are for organizations, charity groups, and company’s may have a customized design. The requirements for this type of license plate differ from state to state. Sometimes you must make a donation of some amount to obtain your customized license plate.

So these types of licenses are available for:

  • Military workers who apply for a license plate
  • Owners of classic cars
  • Vehicles of colleges and universities
  • Organizations
  • License plates of special interest

All the above mentioned criteria must be approved with documents. Idaho DMV may reject license plate applications for one or more reasons, check out the banned license plates page for more details.

You can also apply for a disabled license plate in Idaho.

Military License Plates

Idaho DMV issues Military License Plates to veterans, war prisoners, and current military workers. The plates are divided into some categories based on the honors and fields of military workers. In order to get the military plate, you will need to provide the documents that prove you are or have been a military worker. As well as you will need to complete the standard application form and sign it. The disabled veterans apply for a military license plate with a special application form.

In Idaho, you can also apply for a Gold Star Military Plate if you are an immediate family member of a fallen soldier killed during the war. The spouses and parents will not need to pay the license plate fee.

You must present evidence identifying the veterans and your relationship in order to confirm the existence of the familial tie. You will just need to bring the following documentation with you:

  • marriage license copy
  • birth certificates copy
  • application form
  • the copy of the certificate of death

The passenger vehicles with no more than 16,00 pounds weight can apply for a military exempt license plate. The only important thing is that these vehicles are not meant for commercial purposes. You don’t need to pay taxes and a renewal fee for the first plate.

Fees for License Plate in Idaho

So if you want to get a new license plate you will need to pay 3.75 dollars for a single plate and 7.50 dollars if you buy plates for both sides.

The VIN inspection of your new vehicle will cost 5 dollars and also you need to pay mailing fees. However, the latter varies from county to county.

Dealers who want to obtain a plate must pay 24.15 dollars for a Dealer Plate and 175 dollars to renew it.

Idaho License Plate Renewal

Idaho state requires its citizens to renew their registration once a year as in some of the states. Before your license expiration date, you will get a reminder notification with details of when and how you can renew your license.

In order to renew your license plate online, you will need your Idaho driver’s license or another proof of identity, your Idaho DMV renewal postcard, and a valid credit card or debit card. You will get help from the website during all the processes.  To renew your license plate you can as well visit your local county’s office. You must have the same documents with you when applying in person as for an online renewal.

The state charges renewal costs based on the age of your car.

  • So if your car is 7 years old or more you are going to pay $24.
  • In case it is 3 to 6-year-old you will pay$36.
  • And for the vehicles of 1 or 2 years old, you are going to pay $48.

Please take into account that extra charges may happen at your county office such as administrative fees, taxes, etc.

Replace your License Plate

If you lost your license plate, or registration or someone stole it, you can apply and replace it. If you don’t have the plate on your vehicle, you may need to pay a penalty as the plate is proof you have made all the payments connected to your vehicle. The penalty is about 136 dollars per plate.

To replace your license plate you need to go to the nearest county office and pay some amount. You need to have your driver’s license given in Idaho or another proof of identity. Also, you must also confirm your plate number.

Unfortunately, Idaho doesn’t have a DMV office like Hawaii for example. Thus you need to visit the county’s office and fill in the application form of replacement.

It might be a bit difficult to figure out how much an Idaho replacement registration will cost. Each county imposes extra fees that vary by location and the type of your vehicle.

In Idaho, you cannot change your license plate online. You will need to remove the second plate also if you have lost one.

FAQs about Idaho License Plate

Is it necessary to have an Idaho driver’s license to register your vehicle in Idaho?

In order to register your license plate in Idaho and register your car you must provide the following documents:

  • the number of your Idaho driver license
  • Social Security Number if you have any
  • Your ITIN number
  • Idaho ID number if you have any

You will also need to fill in your full name, the address where you live, and the address where they will mail your license plate. After submitting all these steps you can apply and get a license plate.

How much must I pay to get my vehicle’s title?

You need to pay 14 dollars when you transfer your vehicle’s title and $5 for your vehicle’s inspection when you title it for the first time. If you want to duplicate your vehicle you will need to pay an extra $14.

What are the costs of vehicle registration in Idaho?

Whenever you buy a vehicle in Idaho, you must register it within three months. The registration fee varies from county to county but in general, it is from $14 to $62.

You will need to provide the documents of your car insurance, proof of identity, and VIN number.

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