Idaho Insurance License

Idaho Insurance License

Are you looking forward to starting your agency or getting your Idaho insurance license? Then, this lookup is what you need.

Your career starts with meeting some important requirements. We can help you by explaining the licensing process in a few simple steps.

How do I get my insurance license in Idaho?

Step 1: Pre-licensing education is NOT required, but needed

The state of Idaho does not require taking and completing any courses beforehand. Thus, you can skip this step and pass to the other one.

Even if it is not a state requirement, it is still preferable that you complete an educational course before taking the upcoming test. The classes will help you gain basic knowledge and skills for your future career. They will also ease the preparation process by providing important information.

Step 2: Exam preparation courses

Preparing for the exam takes a lot of time and effort. So please make sure you attend the right classes, that will supply you with valuable and relevant pieces of information.

You can take them from someone else or you can study on your own. Thus, you are to choose which one works better for you. You are in total control of what you study as long as it helps you successfully pass the test.

Step 3: Pass the state insurance licensing exam

The next step is passing the exam. It is useful to know that you do not need state approval to take it.

The exam is administered by PSI. You can create an account and register for it in advance. The fee is $60 for each attempt.

You must bring the following documents with you:

  • primary ID (driver’s license, passport)
  • secondary ID (debit or credit card)

Step 4: Background Check and Fingerprinting

These steps are highly important for the process. PSI testing center is responsible for arranging the fingerprinting process. The fee is $70. When the results are ready, they will be sent to the Department.

Step 5: Apply for the insurance license

Once you have successfully passed the test, you can apply for your license.

If you need further information, visit the official website of the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Is it hard to get your insurance license in Idaho?

To obtain every type of certification, you will need to deal with some difficulties. The same goes with this one.

The difficulties include preparing for the quiz and, of course, taking it. You should study well to have a full understanding of the material. Otherwise, you will either fail the exam or become a “weak” specialist.

There are from 70 to 85 multiple-choice questions, which cover both general and state sections. You must get at least 70% of the question right to succeed.

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