Idaho Banned License Plates

Idaho Banned License Plates

Have you just moved to the State of Idaho? Are you thinking about getting a License plate? Then you have definitely listened about Idaho Banned License Plates. Let’s talk about the reasons why the State of Idaho banns so many license plates.

What are the license plates?

The license plates are individual plates that we also call vanity plates. In fact, some people want to personalize their vehicle plates. They usually put dates, numbers, initials, or some specific names on them. By this, they give special meanings to their license plates. This is a really nice way to make your vehicle look unique and interestingly express yourself. You can make different combinations of words and numbers and get a personal license plate.

While you think about a nice combination, some people make their license plates with offensive words. Moreover, they apply for license plates by putting sexualized or immoral meanings in the combinations.

Why are there so many banned license plates in Idaho?

Generally, the State of Idaho controls the use of license plates. In short, the Idaho Transportation Department is the body that regulates the process of getting license plates. The department gets applications for license plates, approves or rejects them. The ITD decides what kind of license plates are acceptable for the state. After that, they make the licenses by request and deliver them to the citizens.

However, as mentioned, some citizens apply for non-acceptable license plates with offensive meanings. The meanings are hidden very often, so the process will take time. Moreover, as in other states (like Alaska), some people write down unethical words where they replace some letters with similar numbers or sound similarly. For example, they can write “1” on behalf of “I”, “4” on behalf of “A”, “0” on behalf of “O’, etc.

What are common reasons for vanity plate refusal in Idaho?

  • In Idaho, you can order a vanity plate with any combination of letters and numbers, but some terms apply. For example:
  • It is acceptable to put any words that do not have immoral and offensive meanings, even hidden.
  • In your combination, you must use at least one letter. But please note that “O” looks like “0”, as we have mentioned. That’s why if a combination containing “O” will not be available, you can’t take the similar combination with “0” on behalf of “O” in it.
  • You can use spaces, but note that it is also considered a character.
  • It is not acceptable to use any punctuation.

We have gathered some combinations for license plates from Idaho citizens’ requests. Here are some immoral and offensive examples:

  • HATER, IH8UPPL – words containing hatred are not acceptable.
  • MOMBGUY, DUMBDOG, POOPROS – these words are offensive as well
  • Words that contain sexual connotations will be banned.
  • Combinations that contain body parts will be rejected.

How much do the Idaho License Plates cost?

In the State of Idaho, usual license plates cost $25 only. The renewal costs only $15 each year. Meanwhile, specialty license issuance costs $35. The annual renewal fee is $25 each year. After submitting your request and paying the fee, the Idaho Transportation Department makes the license plate and delivers it to you.

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