Idaho Tattoo License

Idaho Tattoo License

The most essential question is if you need an Idaho tattoo license or not to practice this profession. This text will try to answer the question and help you understand what should be your steps to perform service.

Do you need a permit to be a tattooist in Idaho?

Many US states regulate this field very carefully, others do not. ID is among the states where individuals are not obliged to obtain a permit. This creates prospects for these professionals, but also increases their individual responsibility.

Compared to other places, such as Indiana, no training or course completion is necessary for these practitioners here. Yet and yet, that doesn’t mean that learning to be a tattooist is easy. In reality, it requires lots of preparation.

In fact, the lack of training prerequisites seems to make things easier for the artists, but also creates health concerns for the customers.

However, the field is not totally unregulated. The shops must register their business, and their owners ought to obtain a permit. The official institution that issues those certificates is the Health Department. This makes the field at least a little bit more regulated compared to Arizona where no kind of certification is mandatory.

How to get an Idaho license to tattoo?

As we have stated, individual specialists don’t have to be certified but shops need to. With this being said, let’s understand how the shops can get it.

Idaho Legislature’s official website provides details of the procedure. Here we summarize the steps a tattooing facility should follow to obtain a qualification:

  • Submit all the necessary docs and complete the application for licensure (The ID board of cosmetology details all the forms that are necessary.)
  • Pay all the fees required
  • Allocate a proper location in the facility where the services will be provided
  • Provide all the proper equipment and facilities (Those may include hot-cold running water, nonporous piercing guns, single-use needles and towels or paper products, protective gloves, sharps containers for storing hazardous materials, and so on. All these mentioned items are for sanitizing, disinfecting, and storing the supplies and devices.)

But obviously, before all this, you have to form a legal entity such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, etc. Then you ought to register for taxes. Only after that, plan your business in the sphere.

What are the operating requirements?

To be eligible for licensure, a person must:

  • be a minimum of eighteen years old;
  • have finished at least 2 yrs of high school education. (However, its equivalent is also acceptable.)

How much is the certificate and its renewal?

Original registration – $50.00
Annual renewals – $35.00

Very importantly, the expiration ends on the 31 of December. Be sure to update your registration before that date.

What are the precautions and age requirements?

The Department of Health and Welfare often inspects body art parlors or establishments. The inspection aims at preventing the spread of infectious and transmissible diseases. Also, it intends to make sure the hygiene standards are met.

As for age restriction, 18 is the limit. To rephrase, people who are 18 or more can get this kind of service without a problem. But no parlor or specialist shall knowingly brand, perform tattooing or body piercing, and use a tanning machine on any person under the age of 14.

Likewise, minors between 14 and 18 have to present parental or legal guardian’s consent forms to be tattooed. Otherwise, fines will apply to those who violate the law.

In summary, this is a perfect place for you to start a career in the sphere or find a business. Just be sure to keep the standards high whether you are an artist or a business owner.

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Marine K

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