Idaho Security License

Idaho Security License

In reality, several states in the United States, like Wisconsin and Alaska, require their bodyguards and firms to go through a particular licensing process. However, you do not need to obtain an Idaho security license at the city level. On the other hand, different cities and counties have their requirements for training and circumstances.

To find out whether you need to submit any credentials to your city, contact the local Clerk’s office directly.

As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t need any state-level certificate to work as a bodyguard. But if you want to work as a guard in Idaho, your best choice is to apply for a bodyguard job and examine the criteria. The employer will be required to give the list of criteria whenever an interview is requested.

In case you need to get a city-level certificate, generic rules for the licensure will be:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have work experience.
  • Be in a good moral state.

Armed Security Guards in Idaho

ID’s armed security guards are not regulated by the state government. Standards vary by county. In general, becoming certified takes up to three months. The recruiting employer can provide training. It is possible that a weapon test will be necessary.

In short, the applicants should follow the generic licensure requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • He/she should’ve graduated high school or college.
  • Several counties require a driver’s ID, drug test, and a background check.
  • He/she must be of good moral nature.
  • Be in a proper physical condition.
  • Must have worked for not less than a year.
  • Provide recommendation letters from previous workplaces (if available).
  • Several cities and towns may have also training requirements to meet.

In case the worker will carry a firearm, he/she is to contact the local clerk’s office to know the specifications.

Unarmed Security Guards in Idaho

As we’ve mentioned, the specific requirements are applicable for each county. However, there are several rules for obtaining a license:

  • You should be at least 18.
  • You must have graduated from a high school or have equivalent.
  • There must be no past felony convictions or crimes (this involves the unauthorized use of firearms on the applicant’s record).
  • He/she is to have good moral character and physical condition.
  • Pass a drug test and medical background check.
  • It is quite welcoming to have previous working experience.

A good worker must be conversant with the protocols in general. When applying for a job, he or she must also have some physical abilities, such as the ability to stand for at least 6 hours.

Some requirements for public sector hiring

Indeed, reading job descriptions may be really beneficial. They often include numerous answers to your problems. For instance, handgun qualifications are required for a senior security officer position.

When recruiting bodyguards for medical facilities, they assess the applicant’s entire history. They may as well check their ability to operate any type of weapon. In most cases, they also pass fingerprint submission.

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