Idaho Hunting license

Idaho Hunting license

You must get an Idaho hunting license for legal practice. If you think the process is rather complicated, you are wrong. We have got you covered on every important detail.

Initial Requirements

Every state enforces its rules and regulations for safer practice. To this end, there are certain demands to meet. See the list below.

Choose the Right Type

Each permit has been designed to include different groups of people. Hence, aim for the most suitable one. The list includes but is in no way limited to:

  • Resident ($38.75) – for individuals living in the state for at least six months.
  • Non-Resident ($185) – for persons not having residency.
  • Disability ($5.75) – meant for persons with disabilities.
  • Senior ($33.50) – for persons older than 65.
  • Junior ($19.00) – designed for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17.
  • Military and Veteran ($20.50) – for active military members and veterans.

You may also obtain a combination, fishing, and lifetime certificates.


Special tags and permits are also available. They grant more opportunities. In addition, they entail additional fees.

Those opportunities include going for the following species:

  • Black bears ($13.75): legal period is from Jan. 15 to Feb. 15
  • Elk ($36.75): legal period is from May 1 to June 5
  • Deer ($24.75)
  • Turkey ($22.75)
  • Mountain Lion ($13.75): only in designated places
  • Wolves ($13.50)


To obtain a hunting license, call (800) 554-8685 or apply online. You may also get it from sporting, tackle, and department stores. Not to forget about Fish and Game offices.

Educational Standards

Idaho expects potential applicants to take particular courses. It is mandatory for those, who were born after Jan. 1, 1975.

The primary goal is to provide candidates with relevant knowledge before granting the right.

Hunting Passport Program

HPP allows buying a permit without passing the courses mentioned above. The only precondition is being with an authorized mentor. Anyone (8 or older) can participate in it. The discounted fee is $1.75.


Certificates expire every three years. Others, issued for a calendar year, expire on Dec. 31 annually. To renew, visit your vendor and present the previous permission. After that, pay the associated fees.


Idaho accepts licenses issued by other jurisdictions. Given that, they must comply with IHEA-USA standards. In a similar fashion, U.S. states and provinces approve ID documents.

Idaho Hunting Seasons

ID manages hunting and fishing based on a variety of factors. In general, they contribute to better experience and options. Furthermore, they keep everything organized and in the frames of law.

So, it provides seasons for the following species. To start with, small and big game animals. They are deer, elk, mountain lions, gray wolves, and raccoons. Also, black bears, moose, sheep, squirrels, rabbits (hares), foxes, and otters. Some huntsmen prefer beavers, bobcats, coyotes, and otters as well.

Note that there are plenty of good places for the hobby. To clarify, they are special wildlife management areas. They are accessible all year long. However, some fellows find autumn to be the best time for the occupations. Others, on the other hand, enjoy their time in summer and winter. It’s a personal choice.

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