Idaho Contractor License

Idaho Contractor License

Do you want to work as a licensed contractor, handyman, or home renovator in Idaho but aren’t sure where to begin? We are here to make it easy to find information for your Idaho contractor license. You will have to take a few steps to appear on the Idaho contractor license lookup list.

Who Needs a Contractor’s License?

A contractor is considered anyone who undertakes, proposes to undertake, claims to have the capacity to undertake, or submits a bid to conduct construction, or a construction manager who performs construction management services, according to Idaho law.

Idaho’s general contractor registration standards are relatively relaxed in comparison to other states, with no formal education, experience, or examination requirements. Although Idaho does not have any general contractor licensing laws, it requires all general contractors to register in order to do business and appear on the Idaho contractor license lookup.

All registration is done through the mail application and registration cards are issued through the State of Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses Contractors Board.

Contracting or holding oneself out as a contractor without being licensed is currently illegal in Idaho. The Idaho Contractors Board imposes fines on those who illegally perform work as a contractor.

The Board recognizes that those seeking licensure for HVAC, Public Works, Plumbing, and Construction Manager Contractors must register with the Idaho State Contractors Board rather than the Division of Building Safety.

How do I get a contractor’s license in Idaho?

Although no exam is needed, you must register with the Idaho Contractors Board and provide basic business and identity details, such as your Social Security number or Employer Identification Number (EIN). You must also have and provide proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Idaho requires a $35.00 application fee to be submitted with the application. Individual permit fees may apply and are subject to change. You can’t appear on the Idaho contractor’s board license lookup until you have paid the fee.

To become a general contractor in Idaho and appear on the Idaho State contractors license lookup, applicants do not need to take or pass an exam.

Separate but related information is required for both an individual contractor registration and a contractor business entity registration.

If you’re a sole proprietor or using an assumed business name (DBA), you’ll need to provide the following details on your registration application:

  • Individual’s name and DBA (if applicable)
  • Business Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Business Phone/Cell
  • Social Security Number and Date of Birth

Indicate whether or not you currently hold an Idaho Division of Building Safety Public Works or Construction Manager license (you may not have to pay the $35.00 registration fee if you answer yes, but you must provide a copy of your Idaho Public Works or Construction Manager license and your license number).

Your primary type of construction:

  • 001 General Commercial Builder
  • 002 General Residential Builder
  • 003 General Remodel Builder
  • 004 Supplier

If you have a current general liability insurance policy of not less than $300,000.00 single limit, you must attach a certificate of liability insurance with the applicant name and the insured name which should match.

If you haven’t a current general liability insurance policy, your claim will be delayed until you obtain a new insurance policy and include a certificate of liability insurance. Check out our Idaho contractor classification page for more information.

Attach a current effective workers’ compensation policy certificate.

If you have ever been licensed or registered as a contractor in any state, including Idaho, provide the jurisdiction and license/registration numbers.

Indicate if you have ever had a contractor license or registration refused, surrendered, suspended, revoked, or otherwise disciplinary action was taken against you in any state, including Idaho. If yes, each issuing authority must send a copy of the charges and final order to the Board directly.

Indicate whether you have ever received a conviction or probation for a felony in any state, including Idaho. If yes, attach documents.

When finished, print the application and mail it to the following address, along with the necessary supplementary materials and $35.00 fee:

Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses

700 West State Street, PO Box 83720,
Boise, ID 83720-0063
Phone: (208) 334-3233
Fax: (208) 334-3945
[email protected]

When the database is updated, you will then appear in the state of Idaho contractors license lookup. Using the Idaho public works contractors license lookup page, you may verify the status of your license.

What is the easiest contractor’s license to get in Idaho?

Idaho does not have a state-level license for general contractors. However, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, well drillers, fire sprinkler systems and public works pros are licensed by the state.

Although there is no contractor licensing requirements in Idaho. However, a handyman can’t qualify for the role of a contractor without registering with the Idaho Contractors Board.

Does the Idaho Contractors Board recognize reciprocal states?

No, since the Idaho Contractor Board is not a licensing board, all contractors are required to register.

How much do the contractor registration and renewal cost in Idaho?

The cost of registering as a contractor is $30.
The renewal fee for contractor registration – $25
Fee for reinstatement – $25
There are no refunds on any fees.



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