Idaho Business License

Idaho Business License

The process of opening a business is a hard one; it requires a lot of time and effort. In this article, I will introduce the process of getting a business license in Idaho. If you want to set up your business in Idaho you need the Idaho business license. Read this article for a step-by-step guide about how to get your business license in Idaho.

Let’s start with choosing the type of your business.

This is an important part, as this will determine the rest of the licensure process. You need to start planning your business by choosing the business idea, writing a business plan, selecting a Business Entity, and so on.

Now when you are ready to start your Idaho business license process, you need to register the business entity type. It is very important but can be a tough step. Every single category of business form has different characteristics. In Idaho, there are several types of business entities.

    1. General partnerships

      This one is considered to be the most mature and most elementary form of business organization. All the people who work together, make and share profits by the law are considered to be partners, no matter if they mean to be part of this partnership or not. They have unlimited personal liability. The head of this collaboration usually pays the tax only one time. To set up the general partnership organization you need to fill the application.

    2. Limited partnerships (LP)

      The members of limited partnerships can be both general partners and limited partners. Limited partners do not have unlimited personal liability, they are not responsible for the debts and usually, the only waste is the amounts that they have invested into the organization.

    3. Limited liability partnerships (LLP)

      LLP is made to secure all the general partners from personal responsibility, And all of them have some liability protection. This means that the general partners are safe from the actions of the other partners in the company. Limited liability partnership also taxed only once.

    4. Limited liability companies (LLC)

      The LLC combines the characteristics of a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. An LLC can be taxed either like a partnership or like a corporation.
      The limited liability company is a business collaboration that connects all the partners by the contract which is called an operating agreement. All the LLC needs to have a Certificate of Organization provided by the Secretary of State. The members don’t have personal liability.

    5. Corporations

      This type is not great for news organizations, because it must have a commitment of directors. To hold stockholders’ meetings every year they need to keep some books or records. This type is easier to organize and it provides personal liability protection. But these corporations are double-taxed.

As of now, only these categories are approved by the Idaho board.

For your business entity, you need to pay the application fee. After this it is important to reserve your business domain, by doing it you will secure your business domain from being taken by someone else. To confirm that you reserve it, we will get a certificate, and after this, you must register for taxes with the Idaho board and get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for identification. One more essential step is to create a different business bank account and personal bank account. Now is the time to apply for your Idaho business license with the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office.

To get your license you need to apply to the Idaho state board. Your application needs to contain all the information, and also your business entity, and your business setup. And the final step is to wait for your Idaho business license, you will get it by the mail. So, you are ready to do your own business.

Does your business need a license in Idaho?

Let’s find out if your business needs the license. Typically, in Idaho not all businesses are required to have a state-level license, for example, professionals like doctors, contractors, salespersons, and so on need a state business license. To find out if you need one you must connect to your local county clerk or recorder’s office or you can just visit the website.

By the way, on this website, you will find all the information that you need for this process. And will find out what permits and license every particular business needs.

Every city in Idaho state has its own requirements for people who want to set up their own business. For example, in the city of Boise or Nampa, or Idaho Falls, in all this city and also in others only some types of business are required to have a license.

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