Idaho Barber License

Idaho Barber License

An Idaho Barber License is required for people who want to work as a man hairdresser and beard trimming and styling specialist. It is, in fact, a must for all the states such as Georgia, New Hampshire, etc. In the beginning, you can take lessons in a professional school. Then you may proceed with the licensure. It is especially important if you want to own your business and have your private salon.

In fact, it’s not that difficult to get qualified. You just need to follow some basic steps and complete all the processes properly.

First of all, complete an Idaho Barber License Training Program

The state offers two ways to obtain the necessary requirements to become a qualified barber. The first one is through a traditional styling program, and the other is through a self-study program.

If you want to undergo a traditional styling program, you should enroll in a barber college and attend a minimum of 900 hours of registered lessons. Later, you should practice and do your work perfectly in order to pass the testing.

You may also seek a career as a barber-stylist. This requires attending at least 1800 hours of a college education.

Pass the exams successfully

There are two permit tests that you should pass successfully in ID. These are the theoretical test and the practical test. In order to do so, you should first register to the DL Roope Administrations. It is where you can fill in the request and get an entrance ticket for the upcoming test day.

There is a fee for exams. It, however, differs based on your background and type of permit.

In fact, the theoretical part covers the services, skincare, types of hair, and how to take care of them. Meanwhile, the practical exam will be about the sanitary norms, razors, chemicals, and hairstyling methods ( such as lightening, curling, cutting, etc).

After successfully completing both parts of the exam, the applicants will get a special letter from the ID Board of Barbers with their scores. It is worth noting that only those applicants who have scored 70% and more can be qualified.

How to fill in the application?

One must apply for registration with the Idaho Board of Examiners after successfully completing a stylist exam. Whenever deciding to proceed with the application, you should have the following documents ready:

  • The request form (filled in)
  • A cheque of payment (in ID it is $25)
  • The diploma
  • The certificate/diploma of training as a barber
  • Proof of identity

The renewal process

In fact, you should renew your permit every year. You won’t forget to do it, as the Board sends a reminder letter every year about 45 days before the due date. Idaho has made the renewal easier and you can just renew your permit through an online portal. Take into account, that there is an application fee.

You shouldn’t cover any continuing education certificates for the time being. However, it is important to stay current with field changes and to attend seminars and workshops to learn about new trends and styles.

Amalik B

Amalik B

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